Course accreditation application

If you are seeking ACWA course accreditation please download and complete this application form. The completed application form, along with all supporting documentation (see list below) should be emailed to assessments@acwa.org.au. If you have a large number of documents or large files we encourage you to compress them in a zip folder.

Supporting documentation checklist

You will need to provide the following documentation to support your application:

1) A staff matrix for each staff member, including course leader, fieldwork placement coordinator and teaching and fieldwork placement staff. You can use your own matrix or ACWA’s template however, it should include:
  • Unit/subject allocations
  • Qualifications held (including date of qualification completion, course name and names of institution)
  • Direct practice industry experience (including name of workplace, start and end dates, duties performed, employment status (e.g. full-time, part-time or sessional - hours per week)
2) Details of proposed delivery plan for the whole course. This single table should include:
  • Units/subjects offered (including electives) detailing nominal hours for each
  • Unit/subject(including fieldwork placements) sequencing for whole course
  • Field placement hours and scheduling
  • Details of units/subject delivered online/distance education
  • Packaging details (Cert III/IV, Diploma)

3) Copies of training and assessment plans for two core unit. Core units relate to ACWA core content (e.g.counselling, case work, community development, group work etc.)

4) Fieldwork placement guidelines/manual. The fieldwork placement manual is a key resource for your students and fieldwork placement agencies, ensuring they are provided with the appropriate knowledge and information to assist them through the entire process of placement. At a minimum, ACWA requires that the fieldwork placement manual includes:

  • Fieldwork placement overview
  • Fieldwork placement requirements (total hours, number of days per week, number of placements, nature of tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken).
  • Expectations of students, fieldwork placement coordinators/supervisors and host agency supervisors
  • Examples of course-specific tasks that the student should be involved in
  • Liaison visits and supervision details
  • Grievances and seeking help

5) Assessment details

6) Copies of fieldwork placement agreements with at least three community service agencies (please delete student names) (If changed from previous application)

7) Library resources