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Application form and process

If you are seeking an assessment with ACWA for migration purposes, download this application form. Refer to the relevant guidelines for the list of documents you will need to provide.

All applicants must complete the same form, however the sections to complete will depend on the type of assessment being sought. Follow the instructions on the form.

Submitting an application

Please note the following:

  • You will need to email the form and supporting documents to assessments@acwa.org.au.
  • Use the subject line: Skills assessment application - nominated occupation - your name. For example: Skills assessment application - welfare worker - John Smith.
  • You must include all pages of the form, even if they were not relevant to your application.
  • You must name each document. For example: work experience reference letter
  • All attachments should be PDF files or Word documents. Photos are not accepted. If you have a large number of files you can compress them in a zip folder.
  • Applicants must provide 600dpi colour scans of the certified copies of the original documents. Low quality scanned copies will not be accepted.

Using a migration agent

ACWA deals directly with applicants. ACWA will not discuss your application with other people (third parties) unless specifically authorised by you to do so. If you want someone such as a family member or other agent to deal with ACWA on your behalf, you will need to attach form 956 signed by you, authorising this person (by name) to act as your agent. Regardless of whether or not an agent is appointed, the address used for correspondence will be that nominated on the assessment form.

Decision ready application

Your skills assessment application must include all required documentation and must be decision ready before you apply. An incomplete application will be assigned a 'not suitable' outcome. You are entitled to appeal (see below) however, there is a fee and additional processing time.


Payment needs to be made at the time of submission and is non-refundable. Payment methods are Mastercard or Visa. If an alternative payment is necessary please contact us.

Skills assessment - $965

Application status and time-frame

Seventy-five per cent of applications are processed within 12 weeks. Applications can take longer to process for example, if more information is required or there are problems verifying documents. An acknowledgement email, including your reference number, will be sent to you after we receive your application and payment is processed.

Fast-tracking assessments

This service is available on a case by case basis and incurs a fee of $165 (incl. GST) if paying within Australia or $150 if paying from overseas. A completed application under the fast-tracked process can take up to 6 weeks.

Assessment outcomes

Outcomes will not be provided by phone. If you change your address, you will need to notify us in an email sent to assessments@acwa.org.au. Resending outcome documents will incur an administration fee of $50.

Communicating with the assessment team

All communications must be emailed to assessments@acwa.org.au. You must include your ACWA file reference number in the subject line. Assessment officers will not meet with applicants face to face unless the national office has sanctioned an appointment.


Certified copies are copies which have been formally endorsed as true copies by a person or agency recognised by the law of your country, (for example, a notary official or a Justice of the Peace) and recognised by the Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for this purpose.

Each copy of the document must be certified separately and must clearly show:

  • The words ‘certified true copy of the original’
  • The signature of the certifying officer
  • The name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature

It must be possible, from the details provided for ACWA, to contact the certifying officer if necessary.


If your original degree, diploma, certificate or any other supporting document is not written in English, a translation of the documents into English must be provided along with certified copies of the original documents.

ACWA reserves the right to request that translations are completed by a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Level 3 accreditation is normally required.

Appeal or review an outcome

To contest a negative outcome please refer to the ACWA appeal policy and procedure and the associated form.