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Australian Journal of Community Work

ISSN 2652-3094

The Australian Journal of Community Work is the official journal of the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA).

The aim of the AJCW is to stimulate discussion, debate and research on all aspects of community work. It is part of ACWA’s commitment to foster shared practice wisdom and rigorous research. An interdisciplinary journal, articles are welcomed from all areas and demographic groups that fall within the community work arena, especially under the titles:

 Community work 
   Community work and health services 
 Community development 
   Rural and remote community work
 Youth work
   Volunteering and community work
 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander specific services   
   Definitions of community work
 Criminology    Professionalism
 Aged care
   Workforce issues
 Disability services
   Professional development
 Mental health
   Codes of ethics and ethical practices
 Alcohol and other drugs
   Attrition rates
 Housing and homelessness
 Family and children services
   Public policy and its impact on community work
 Domestic and family violence
   Education and qualifications
 CALD communities

Published online annually, articles are uploaded continually after review and acceptance. Original research falls under two main sections: peer reviewed and ‘from the field’. An article should not be submitted for publication elsewhere while it is being considered by the AJCW.

Enquiries should be emailed to Dr. Annette Maher, AJCW Editor: ajcw@acwa.org.au.

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