Complaints and appeals


The Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) has provision for members of the public to make a formal complaint against a member of ACWA, or ACWA registered community worker. This policy is currently under review. Please call or email info@acwa.org.au for more information.

Request an appeal or review

ACWA has determined a set of criteria against which an application for a skills assessment or for membership is assessed. In the case of an adverse assessment any applicant may request an appeal or review. ACWA takes its responsibility in this regard seriously and has the following procedures in place to ensure a fair and equitable appeal process. Please read the policy and procedure carefully, you can find it here.

Such a request should be made in writing within 28 days of receiving notification from ACWA. A fee is payable before an appeal or review commences.

If you wish to proceed with a request please complete the relevant form:

Request an appeal or review form - skills assessment

Request an appeal or review - membership